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Immerse yourself in the British Virgin Islands’ rich traditions, shaped by nautical trade and leisure, musical artistry and the blending of cultures over centuries. 

1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works
Road Town
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Built by the McClevery slaves, this location was the site for sugar production in 1940 and cotton production in the 1900’s.

Britannic Hall
Road Town Built in 1910, this historic building was the site of physician’s surgery. This building now houses the offices of Smith’s Gore Real Est...
Callwood Rum Distillery
Cane Garden Bay This site features the original structure of a Sugar Cane distillery. Visitors to this rustic site can purchase samples of rum. The original...
Fort Burt
Road Town Rebuilt by the English in 1776 and named after William Burt, Governor of the Leeward Islands. Originally built approximately 20ft above se...
Her Majesty’s Prison Museum
Road Town

As the oldest building in Road Town, this prison experienced the execution of Auther W. Hodge on May 8th, 1811 for the murder of a slave....

Jenesis Studios

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A wonderful chance to experience  the amazing Culture of the British Virgin Islands at our Gallery/Museum, Herbal and Fruit Garden

Josiah's Bay Plantation
East End Originally a sugar factory, the building was converted into a rum distillery in the early 20th century. The machinery was powered by steam...
Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society
Great Harbour
(284) 540-0861 Sloop Project: In an effort to preserve an important piece of Jost Van Dyke’s maritime tradition, the JVD Preservation Society has emba...
Little Fort National Park

(284) 494-2069 Little Fort National Park can be found just south of the Yacht Harbour. It was the site of a Spanish fortress and some masonry walls still e...
Jenesis Studios
, British Virgin Islands
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VI Maritime Museum
HLSCC Marine Centre, British Virgin Islands
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Virgin Islands Folk Museum
Penn House, British Virgin Islands
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Little Fort National Park
Little Fort National Park, British Virgin Islands
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The Copper Mine
The Copper Mine, British Virgin Islands
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Zion Hill Chapel
Zion Hill Chapel, British Virgin Islands
Vigilant, British Virgin Islands
Thornton Plantation
Thornton Plantation, British Virgin Islands
Sunday Morning Well
Sunday Morning Well, British Virgin Islands
St. Phillips Anglican Church
St. Phillips Anglican Church, British Virgin Islands
Sir Olva Georges Plaza
Sir Olva Georges Plaza, British Virgin Islands
Saba Rock Nautical Museum & Gift Shoppe
Saba Rock Resort, British Virgin Islands
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Road Town Methodist Church
Road Town Methodist Church, British Virgin Islands
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RMS Rhone Marine Park
RMS Rhone, British Virgin Islands
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Old Government House
Old Government House, British Virgin Islands
North Shore Shell Museum
North Shore Shell Museum, British Virgin Islands
The Noel Lloyd/ Positive Action Movement Park
The Noel Lloyd / P.A.M. Park, British Virgin Islands
Mount Healthy National Park
Mount Healthy National Park, British Virgin Islands
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Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society
Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society, British Virgin Islands
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Josiah's Bay Plantation
Josiah's Bay Plantation, British Virgin Islands
Her Majesty’s Prison Museum
Her Majesty’s Prison, British Virgin Islands
Fort Burt
Fort Burt, British Virgin Islands
The Dungeon (Fort Purcell)
The Dungeon, British Virgin Islands
Callwood Rum Distillery
Callwood Rum Distillery, British Virgin Islands
Britannic Hall
Britannic Hall, British Virgin Islands
1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works
1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-9206
Save the Seed Energy Centre
Duff's Bottom, British Virgin Islands
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