60 islands, 1 unforgettable experience. There’s no other place in the world like the British Virgin Islands.

Our islands are stepping-stones to paradise, each with its own unique scenic beauty for you to explore. Whether you make one island your travel destination or navigate around the BVI chain, with so many different islands and activities to choose from, your Caribbean vacation possibilities are endless.

Discover the delights of our sandy beaches and azure waters, the wonders of our national parks, our exotic multi-cultural heritage and warm, friendly people. Make your British Virgin Islands vacation an action-packed adventure, or simply kick back, relax and enjoy the view.

Whether you stay at one of our many hotel, villa or campground accommodations, or anchor at one of our harbours, the British Virgin Islands provide more than a place to stay on your Caribbean vacation—from your very first visit, we feel like home.


The perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Whether you are looking to relax in a joint spa vacation or share the adventure of explore our islands.


Explore the wonders of the BVI together. We have something for everyone, activities for all age ranges.


In recognition of your desire to Return and Stay with us, we are pleased to extend to you these very special offers! There are many choices from simple and affordable packages to luxurious retreats on offer just for you!