What To Do


What To Do


Let us show you a good time in the islands.

For the active and adventurous, there’s an array of exciting things to do within the islands of BVI.

See the spectacular vistas of land and sea from a hike to the top of Sage Mountain, or visit one of BVI’s 28 National Parks.  Experience the rich and eclectic Caribbean culture through a performance from our Heritage Dancers, or the sweet sounds from our fungi bands and steel bands.  Indulge in our cuisine at a local Virgin Islands restaurant and taste the island specialties of our award-winning chefs.  There is also a range of fabulous Caribbean beaches to enjoy, each with its own special character and vibe.


Constant trade winds fill your mainsail. Whether you’re a first-time sailor or an experienced captain, your first mates will be the endless ocean and an inviting blue sky.


Experience the diversity of our culinary cuisine while in the BVI. From the vibrant, delicious local foods to the melting pot of succulent cuisines indicative of our diverse population.


The British Virgin Islands has lots to do. We have many annual events that attract visitors of all interests. Sailing Regattas to Music Festivals and lots more inbetween.


This extraordinary setting provides outstanding underwater visibility, healthy coral and a wide variety of exotic dive sites, with air temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round


No matter what your interests are, the BVI is your playground. There is always an adventure waiting for you in our crystal clear waters.


Rich in natural and cultural history, the British Virgin Islands boast some of the world’s most fascinating sights.


Stories of slavery, pirates, fishing and agricultural era are some of the enchanted tales of the BVI.


Whether you would like to explore the land or the sea, there are many companies waiting to guide you through the wonders that are the BVI