With crystal clear waters and balmy trade winds year-round, the British Virgin Islands are a pristine playground brimming with adventure.


Cast away your days in paradise.


Every good fisherman knows you have to go where the fish are – and the British Virgin Islands do not disappoint. Whether you’re offshore hooking into a trophy marlin or combing the shallows fly-fishing for world-class tarpon, local guides always know where the fish are biting.

Fishing permits are required. Be sure to get one at the Conservation and Fisheries Department. Also, there are seasons that some fish and lobsters are not permitted to be caught and that list can be found from the at www.bvidef.org.

Fishing Permits

The removal of any marine organism from British Virgin Islands waters is illegal for non-BVIslanders without a recreational fishing permit. Contact The Department of Conservation & Fisheries, Tel: (284) 468-2700 for information.

A Recreational Fishing License is defined as a license granted to a person who catches fish on a catch-and-release basis.  Visiting tourists usually conduct this type of fishing activity.

It is ILLEGAL to have in one’s possession billfish such as Blue & White Marlin, Sailfish and Sword Fish. It is also ILLEGAL to have more than thirty pounds of fish by weight in one’s possession per boat.

If granted by the Department of Conservation and Fisheries, a Pleasure/Recreational Fishing License is valid for one month.

- Pleasure/Recreational Fishing License Application

- Application to participate in a Sport Fishing Event

For more information on Fishing Permits, please contact the Department of Conservation & Fisheries, Telephone: (284) 468 2700 | Fax:  (284) 468 2781 | Email: cdf@gov.vg

The Closed Season schedule in the Virgin Islands is as follows:- (During this time no person shall catch, sell, offer for sale or buy)

Margate  - January 1 to March 31

Red Hind - January 1 to March 31

Nassau Grouper  - March 1 to May 31

Turtles    - April 1 to November 30

Lobster   - July 31 to October 31

Conch    - August 15 to October 31

Whelk    - August 15 to October 31

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