British Virgin Islands Tourist Board Launches Interactive New Website

23 Jun 2016
British Virgin Islands Tourist Board Launches Interactive New Website
British Virgin Islands Tourist Board Launches Interactive New Website

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, June 23, 2016 – The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board (BVITB) is proudly announcing the launch of the new, ( the official website of the BVI Tourist Board. The new mobile and tablet-friendly site offers a sensorial experience of the traveller’s paradise, bringing the islands to life with interactive features and a modern, highly visual aesthetic. Robust, intuitive, and customer-friendly, the new site uses vibrant imagery and content to make planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands effortless, and more irresistible than ever before. 

With a variety of new tools – including Island Hopping, Vacation Planner and Getting There – the site speaks to independent-minded, well-travelled individuals seeking unique experiences, as well as less experienced travellers hoping to easily visualise their trip to the BVI and understand the variety of offerings available to them.  

The most exciting new element, the Island Hopping tool, allows potential visitors to become immersed in the culture of the BVI, where travelling from island to island is part of everyday life, and as simple as taking a ferry. With 60 islands and cays that comprise the British Virgin Islands, no true BVI vacation is complete without island hopping. The tool clearly displays ferry schedules and the distance between islands, allowing travellers to plan an itinerary that represents the authentic island lifestyle of the destination.

The Vacation Planner tool, which allows users to build their itinerary with a list of dream excursions and activities, showcases the interactive elements that emphasise the destination’s diverse offerings, while fostering a personal sense of discovery. Visitors can even share, print or email the vacation they plan directly from the site. 

And through the Getting Here tool, planning a trip is easier than ever. Using the new feature, travelers are able to see exactly how long it will take them to get to the destination without ever having to leave the BVI Tourist Board website. 

Visitors have the ability to check airfares and book travel directly from the site, through the embedded tool. 

The BVI is providing potential visitors with a new perspective on what makes this a largely untouched traveller’s paradise worth discovering. Coupled with simplified navigation and access to all features of the new site from any device, it’s never been easier for travellers to begin planning their ultimate BVI vacation seamlessly, and independently. 

“When rethinking our website interface, we conducted a survey and incorporated feedback from travellers and saw a unique opportunity to provide a simple and rewarding experience,” said Sharon Flax-Mars, Director of Tourism for the British Virgin Islands. “Whether it’s an island hopping adventure, or a moment in time to unplug and relax, the new website allows potential visitors to interact with our stunning destination and curate their ideal getaway.” 

Featuring enticing imagery and short videos of various locations in the islands, the new website highlights not only more well-known attractions and experiences, but also tempts travellers to discover and make their own memorable moments with family and friends in the British Virgin Islands.

The exciting new elements and tools of this already robust website are just the beginning. will be continuously updated and enhanced to provide the most seamless experience possible for consumers. While the U.S. version of the site is the first to launch, the BVI Tourist Board will start rolling out international versions in coming months. 

The project was managed in house by the BVI Tourist Board's Online Team, Abigail O'Neal, Manager and James Kelley, Coordinator. Managing the project in house allowed BVI Tourist Board to directly oversee all aspects of the project. The team also specified design, navigation and implementation of new tools and features while working with experienced developers. The site was created by Boston-based developer Connelly Partners Travel.