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Filming and Photography within National Parks

1. The National Parks Trust (NPT) introduced a special use fee sub-schedule as part of the Fee Collection Plan approved by Executive Council via E.C. Decision 206/2001. The sub-schedule makes provisions for levying fees for:
     a. Catalogue shoots
     b. Documentary/promotional still shoots
     c. Television commercials and music videos
     d. Television movies and feature films

Following are descriptions of the manner in which the fee will be applied:

Type of Photography or Filming                                                                       Description
Catalogue Shoot                                                         Still photography that promotes fashion, clothing or any other such related product or service. A catalogue shoot promotes items or products                                                                                     in a specific catalogue
Promotional Still Shoots    Film or still imagery which promotes the BVI as a vacation destination or as a location. Material produced may also serve as supporting editorial material to a larger project.
Television Commercials
and Music Videos    Still photography or commercial print advertisement or moving imagery associated with artistic endeavours (or otherwise). Fee is based on a daily rate
Television Movies
and Feature Films    Production of movies shot for TV or feature film purposes. Fee is based on a daily rate.

2. Maximum figures associated with television commercials, movies, feature films music videos are subject to higher fees dependent on the number of days required for project completion. Maximum fees will be negotiated between the National Parks Trust and the applicant. Staff costs are not included in the fees, should such be required.

3. The BVI Tourist Board manages filming and photography within the Territory acting as the headquarters and administrators for the Film Commission.

4. The Director of National Parks Trust (Dir. NPT) met with the Director of the Tourist Board (Dir. T.B) on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 to finalize discussions regarding the application of the special use fees related to the aforementioned sub-schedule. At the meeting Dir. of T.B. pointed to the existence of the Motion Picture Industry Act (Cap. 294) under which all filming and photography projects undertaken within the Territory are sanctioned and approved.

5. As a matter of policy, the Film Commission waives all fees related to the implementation of filming or photography within the Territory and hence the schedule attached to Cap. 294 has not been applied to date.

6. The Film Commission may assess along the NPT a minimal fee of $500 upon filming or photographing in a National Park with the encouragement of a greater donation.

7. It is an accepted principle that locations where filming or photographing may occur are not decided upon by a venture prior to arrival in the Territory. This is based on the explorative nature of the selection process of scenery.

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