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Experience the Caribbean’s Premier Filming Location

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From experienced crews, knowledgeable and connected local production managers (LPMs), to rolling green hills and seemingly never-ending white powdery sandy beaches, the BVI can match any tropical storyboard you can imagine. 

Known for our sunsets and sunrises that create "out of body" experiences, dive sites and underwater locations filled with ancient relics, naval wreckage and bright tropical fish, and handsomely weathered structures that have stood the test of time and witnessed over 200 years of history, there is no shortage of Nature’s Little Secrets to bring your project to life.

The BVI Film Commission was established over 25 years ago to facilitate and encourage film productions coming into the unique Caribbean country. Since then the entire country has embraced the film fraternity and warmly welcomes an increasing number of productions each year. Many such productions are repeat guests to the BVI, with crews that the native islanders have come to know personally by name.

The BVI Film Commission also acts as a liaison between film/photography producers and all relevant Government agencies, including the Customs, Labour and Immigration Departments, National Parks Trust and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

For information on filming in the British Virgin Islands, please contact:
Natalie O. Hodge, Film Commissioner
BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission | P.O. Box 134 | Road Town | Tortola | British Virgin Islands | VG1110
Tel: (284) 494-4119 | Fax: (284) 494-8138 |

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The British Virgin Islands have been the amazing settings / backdrop in many productions.


The BVI Film Commission requires the following from those persons or organizations wishing to carry out a film project in the British Virgin Islands: (To avoid any delays please have all the information submitted at least 30 days before the production starts.) Please note that submission of all required documents does not mean that permission will be granted.

A formal letter requesting permission to conduct the project in the BVI, including a brief company biography and a description of the nature of the project.

The Film Permit Application Form (online) must be completed. To avoid any delays please have all the information submitted at least 21 days before production begins. Please note that submission of all required documents does not mean that permission will be granted.

Temporary Work Permits ($50.00 per person) must be obtained for each person associated with the production along with an entry permit ($25.00 per person). Additionally, each person’s salary of up to $25,000.00 earned in the BVI will be calculated at 3%, which must be paid to obtain the temporary work permit. For productions that are scheduled to be in the BVI for 30 days or more, please consult with the Film Commissioner. There are several local firms that process temporary work permits and entry permits. Please see the Film Commision Service section of this website.

A detailed list of all film/photo equipment, merchandise, etc. being used in the project and the corresponding arrival information. (The equipment must be removed from the Territory upon the completion of the project.) It is our policy to encourage the utilization of all the equipment, human and other resources that are available in the British Virgin Islands before other options are explored. Please be advised that if your production intends to use a drone, permission must be granted by Air Safety Support International (ASSI) at and Mr. Clive Smith at ASSI requires that requests are made 28 days before the project starts.

Accommodations (Where will you stay?)
List of all persons participating in the project along with their travel itineraries and passport information.

A Location Itinerary or production schedule for the film project. ***(Permission must be sought from the National Parks Trust if one wishes to film at any of the BVI’s 15 national parks. Please note that the NPT has established set fees for film/still production at our national parks. NPT Permit Form.

An insurance certificate indemnifying the BVI Film Commission, the BVI National Parks Trust and the Government of the Virgin Islands. The addresses are as follows:

BVI Tourist Board and Film Commission
Road Town Tortola
British Virgin Islands

Government of the Virgin Islands
33 Admin Drive, Wickham’s Cay 1
Central Administration Complex
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

BVI National Parks Trust
#16 Mill Mall, 2nd Floor
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

A copy of this fee schedule will be provided to you upon request.)***
At least one copy of the finished product (e.g. magazine, catalogue, video) for the BVI Film Commission files.