Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke

Lively Past, Lovely Present

Although it’s one of BVI’s smallest islands, Jost Van Dyke (named for a Dutch privateer) still encapsulates an abundance of charm and history. 

Intrepid explorers can discover the ruins of early sugar mills, still-surviving explorer footpaths, and near-endless amounts of interesting wildlife here. Archaeological evidence suggests that Jost Van Dyke was visited by civilizations as diverse as the Arawak tribe, Caribs, Africans, the British, and — naturally — the Dutch. Despite its diminutive stature, Jost Van Dyke’s rich melting-pot history has fostered some of the Caribbean’s best dining, with barbecue, Indian and seafood dominating the menus at the isle’s various beachside eateries. 

When here, don’t skip visiting Bubbly Pool, a naturally occurring “hot tub”-style swimming hole on the northeast shore.

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