Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda

A Feast for the Senses

Virgin Gorda is BVI’s third-largest island, and was so named by Christopher Columbus — being as he found its shape reminiscent of a reclining woman. 

The island is regarded as one of the BVI’s most beautiful, which is high praise given how utterly stunning the archipelago’s isles are in general. Visitors to Virgin Gorda will discover vegetation-lined walking trails, several nature sanctuaries, and a truly awe-inspiring view from Gorda Point. From there, you’ll enjoy a panoramic eyeful of the island’s pristine beaches and national park space. 

Natural beauty isn’t the only sort that’s on offer, however. Virgin Gorda is also home to several historic sides, including the remnants of early African, Spanish and Indian settlements. The island’s largest city (Spanish Town) is a must-visit for exceptional cuisine, gifts, yacht clubs, luxury lodging, and local culture. 

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